Tooth Sensitivity Endorsements

Tooth Builder® Toothpaste REALLY helped!

For the past 6 months or so, I have had VERY sensitive upper molars. Went to the dentist and was told I have no cavities and there really isn't a visible reason for the sensitivity. They were sensitive to cold and, especially, to sweets.

I tried Sensodyne and other standard sensitive toothpastes, but had no results.

After using TOOTH BUILDER only 2 times, I was able to eat a cookie with NO PAIN!!! I am so amazed. I am very happy with the way this product has eliminated my painful sensitivity.


Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth & Gums

I am so glad to have found this toothpaste. I have very sensitive teeth and gums due to a horrific reaction to a teeth whitening several years back. I really weakened my teeth. Every type of toothpaste I used after that burned my mouth so badly. I found Squigle online and bought some of the regular (that one tastes like a York peppermint patty), but I needed one for the sensitive teeth as well because I could not even drink anything w/ ice in it. I love this TOOTH BUILDER® Toothpaste, which is also made by Squigle. It tastes like marshmallow cream. It really has no strong flavor, just very mild. It is the only thing that I have found that helps my sensitive teeth without burning my mouth. (the other kinds of sensitive toothpastes have lots of chemicals in them that were so harsh for me).

This toothpaste is perfect for canker sores or any type of problems w/ your mouth. The calcium in it has built up my teeth and made them stronger and now I can drink things with ice in them and enjoy ice cream again. I highly recommend this as the ONLY toothpaste I have ever found that is for sensitive teeth and mouths. The only thing is that I wish it came in a travel size (when I fly, I do all carry on and you cannot take this size on.)... So I get a very small clean jar and squeeze some out into it and then use a tiny spoon (the one they give you to sample ice cream with) and dip some out w/ the spoon onto my brush. This is how much I love it, I have to use it ALL the time. One time I used a little of a regular toothpaste when I was out of town, and it burned my mouth! So, IT IS WORTH THE will love it!

Southern Girl

Best Sensitive Toothpaste: no SLS, Fluoride or Numbing Agents

I love TOOTH BUILDER® Toothpaste! The only one that helped my sensitive teeth not hurt anymore. It actually helps seal exposed dentin. I like that is has no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), fluoride, or numbing agents that most sensitive toothpastes have. It also has a low abrasive number of 75. It is a plain white, good tasting, very mild toothpaste that foams up well.


Someone who has had terrible sensitive teeth and cavities all her life, despite best efforts!

I love love love love love love love love this stuff, was that enough love? I don't think so.

I LOVE this stuff!

I've noticed a tremendous improvement in my teeth's sensitivity after using TOOTH BUILDER. I've been searching for a toothpaste that will FIX things, not just numb my nerves. I had no interest in Sensodyne, because I wondered, if I numbed my teeth's nerves, as that toothpaste does, how would I know if I had a problem? It seemed stupid to me--I have a problem with my teeth, so I should try to fix it, not try to mask it with analgesics.

I went on a crusade trying to find the right stuff. I used one from China, called Dr. Collins, which I wasn't crazy about (because their health codes are not exactly stringent), but it didn't help. I also tried MI paste, but the fact that you cannot swallow it at all, and the complicated application process, was a big turn off, plus the price was not at all slim, however it DID help. I found TOOTH BUILDER later, and I quickly became a fan. It's not made in China, so this is a plus. Also the fact that it's non-flavored I enjoy. It's sweetened with Xylitol, which is very good for your teeth, and is just a sweet foam in your mouth.

My teeth have become smoother, less sensitive, and I think stronger since I started using TOOTH BUILDER. I love this stuff, now I use it exclusively. :) Highly recommended! It has saved me from so much pain, and I've had such very painful sensitive teeth for my whole life, this stuff is a life saver. Its great :D I can't recommend it enough, and it's safe for children as well, so it's really good! The calcium in it makes all the difference.


Great Product!

I've tried many kinds of toothpaste and they all dry out my mouth, except this one! Love the taste as well.

Bean Girl

Tooth Builder® Sensitive Toothpaste

I got this toothpaste for what it doesn't have, as much as for what it does have. It doesn't have fluoride (good if you have fluorosis or other symptoms of too much fluoride). It's also a "sensitive teeth" toothpaste that doesn't rely on potassium nitrate, which just masks the pain. Instead, TOOTH BUILDER has nano calcite to seal the exposed dentine and reduce sensitivity.

It doesn't have much taste, other than sweetness from the Xylitol. But if you're tired of mint, or if your gums are irritated by mint, that's not such a bad thing. This toothpaste is very mild and non-irritating, compared to other toothpastes I've used, including other toothpastes for sensitive teeth.



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