How to Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

Floss daily, each time before you brush. Place a full length of Tooth Builder® Toothpaste on a soft bristled, small headed toothbrush. Brush 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day, after eating. Rinse. Then gently brush your tongue, roof of mouth, and inside of cheeks. Rinse.

You should begin to feel relief from tooth sensitivity within a week.


How to Avoid Tooth Sensitivity

Avoid acidic soft drinks (with or without sugar). If you drink an acidic beverage, such as soda or fruit juice, drink it rapidly, and rinse your mouth out with water immediately.

Use Tooth Builder® Toothpaste. Brush your teeth no more than 3 times a day, and don't brush too vigorously. Ask your dentist or hygienist to review tooth brushing technique with you. Ask your dentist to check for evidence of tooth grinding and, if you have any, what to do about it.

Tooth Builder's mild abrasive removes stain and plaque, leaves tooth enamel intact. Highly abrasive toothpastes contribute to gum recession and tooth wear at the gum line, leading to tooth sensitivity. Baking soda toothpastes and tartar control toothpastes aggravate tooth sensitivity.

When you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist, ask them not to use conventional prophylaxis paste – it is 10-20 times more abrasive than conventional toothpaste. There is an old saying: A day in the chair is worth 6 months of wear.  Instead, ask your dentist or hygienist to polish your teeth with Tooth Builder Toothpaste, to preserve your enamel.

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